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About Cyrillic Script Being “Cancelled”


Let’s put on some light on the news about the possible abolition of the Cyrillic alphabet on the territory of Ukraine as RIA Novosti claims.

The text of the news says that a special parliamentary commission is working on the law regulating the use of languages ​​in Ukraine and “the commission members are trying to use veiled wording in the bill to make a point about the phasing out of the Cyrillic alphabet”.

RIA Novosti makes the news on the message from “a source familiar with the situation in the Verkhovna Rada (Ukrainian Parliament)”. We would like to point out that the text of the news does not provide the exact name of the source and there’s no actual evidence by members of the committee (ie, no texts of bills or internal documents) that would contribute to the reliability of the news. This news was reprinted by Russia Today along the way giving up the modest word “source”. However, we already put on some attention on the peculiarities of Russia Today’s work with information.

Now let’s try to understand what is really going on and is there any reason to believe the news and to fear that Ukraine will spend huge money for replacing all the official forms, documents, and street signs.

The Verkhovna Rada website has reported the beginning of the work of the commission. We are providing the version in Russian in case you want to learn more about it (no English version available, sorry!).

According to this report, the range of documents on which the new law is based, includes the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages​​, the Law of Ukraine “On ratification of the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages​​” on May 15, 2003, аas well as the well-known Law of Ukraine “On state Language Policy of Ukraine “dated July 3, 2012, which itself provided the Russian language the status of regional.

But we have not found anything about the replacement of the Cyrillic alphabet with the Latin. As usual, we are not providing any conclusions, but we just want to note that the European Charter of regional languages ​​(by the way, not ratified by Russia) contains the following words at the beginning of the document:

protection and promotion of regional or minority languages ​​in different countries and regions of Europe represent an important contribution to the construction of a Europe based on the principles of democracy and cultural diversity within the framework of national sovereignty and territorial integrity.

About the IMF Requirements


Let’s briefly explain the “10 IMF Requirements”, the acceptance of which is now considered to be Yatsenyuk’s fault.

This piece of “breaking news” is a bit outdated – it appeared about three years ago. The Ukrainian News just used an existing analytical article from Hvylya.org dated December 7, 2010. On December 8 a corresponding post appeared in the Hvylya.org digest, but if you try to follow the links, you’ll find out that the pages do not exist.

We’ve found the document on Wikileaks. First of all, they are not “obligatory requirements”, but just reform proposals, given by Mr. Pynzenyk, whose name is openly mentioned there, in diplomatic correspondence,

The document is dated February 23, 2010. Let us remind you, how Ukraine cooperated with IMF in that period: in November 2008 the government of Yulia Tymoshenko received an IMF credit in the amount of USD 16.4 billion. In a year the Fund decided to freeze and cancel the credit, but instead of it another credit was given – USD 15.2 billion for the government under the President Yanukovych in July 2010. The second tranche of this credit in the amount of USD 1.5 billion was provided by the IMF Executive Board to Kyiv in December. But then the crediting was suspended, as the program requirements were not being fulfilled with due progress. The government of Yatsenyuk will have to prove the earnestness of their declarations and methods first.

Please see detailed chronology in the following UNIAN article. So Pynzenyk’s letter was written in the period, when the 2008 credit was already suspended, and the 2010 credit was not being negotiated yet. On December 2013 this text appeared here, and was readily republished by media. It is a 1:1 reprint of the letter dated 2010.

New IMF requirements haven’t been formulated yet, and the existing ones can not be considered obligatory. Make your own conclusions.

USS That Couldn’t Make It


You may have heard that the U.S. aircraft carrier USS George H. W. Bush was deployed in the direction of Ukraine, you may have even read about it on ICTV’s website here:

Due to the Russian invasion of the Crimea, the US have sent USS George H. W. Bush in the direction of the Black Sea.

“In response to a Russian invasion, the United States has sent an aircraft carrier strike group toward the Black Sea to be able to respond to developments on the Crimean peninsula of Ukraine” reports “Ukrainian News”, citing the Turner Radio Network RSS Feed as the source.

We read on the aircraft carrier’s official website that the carrier also has an official Facebook page.

After overcoming a fit of laughter at the idea of an aircraft carriers’ crew running an official Facebook page, we read on the page that the ship actually arrived today in Greece.

We send our kind regards to ICTV and the “Ukrainian News” ;)

By the way, the Montreux Convention Regarding the Regime of the Straits states that this ship may enter into the Black Sea ONLY when Turkey is at war or if Turkey is under a threat of war. Complete text of Montreux Convention could be read here.

2 Girls 1 Fake?


This evening’s sensation was a comparison of two rather viral videos, one of which was taken in Kharkov on March 1st (skip to 4:00) and the other one in Sevastopol on March 3rd.

Both feature two women demonstrating a definitely pro-Russian rhetoric. First they describe the “mayhem” in Kharkov and then – in the other video – apparently the same women pretend to be Odessa citizens talking about the brutalities of Bandera’s followers.Although everyone asserts that these are the same women, we cannot confirm it. We have watched both videos, taken snapshots of the women’s faces and asked for the opinions of everyone we could, but could not come to a definite conclusion.


EXHIBIT BMore on this: we have received a video taken by the Crimean channel ATR that shows a rally in Simferopol featuring a rather similar person (skip to around 6:30). We also have a video from Odessa; we’ll try to compare its soundtrack to that of the Sevastopol video.

You are welcome to make your own conclusions. If you have any relevant materials from the Kharkov, Sevastopol, or Simferopol rallies, please send them to us.

Second Passport


We came across the news on the “Russia Today” channel, a channel that covers more than 644 million people in more than 100 countries, according to their own information. The news is: “The Verkhovna Rada will introduce criminal liability for dual citizenship”.“Verkhovna Rada” is the name of Ukrainian parliament

Dear 644 million of people in more than 100 countries! Unfortunately, we have to inform you that you have been deceived. We will not reflect over the reasons, instead we will just demonstrate why this information is false.

Here is what Russia Today saying:

The Verkhovna Rada will consider a draft bill regarding criminal liability for dual citizenship after the situation in the country has been stabilised. This law (which provides for a prison sentence of 10 years for dual citizenship) has already been introduced into the Rada.

Let’s navigate to Verkhovna Rada official website and find the corresponding bill draft. Immediately we see the title:

Draft of Law on Amendments to the Criminal Code of Ukraine regarding liability for failure to inform about obtaining a foreign citizenship by a citizen of Ukraine.

“Having dual citizenship” vs “failure to inform about having dual citizenship”. Minor omission, you say?

We could finish our investigation here, but it’s way more interesting to dig deeper. So let’s open the bill draft and take a closer look at its regulations.

Hold on for a second. Let’s take a look at original news again.

According to the draft introduced into Ukraine’s parliament, Ukrainian citizens who receive Russian passports will be fined and sentenced to 3-10 years of prison.

And now let’s look at the actual draft.

Non-submitting or a belated submitting of an application informing about a voluntary acquiring of a foreign citizenship by a Ukrainian citizen of a legal age and of a copy of the document proving his/her acquiring of a foreign citizenship to an authorized body of central executive power is penalized by a fine of 100 minimum non-taxable incomes of citizens.

Let’s pause here for a second and check current definition of non-taxable minimum income. According to point 5 of chapter 10 of transitional provisions of Ukrainian Tax Code, a non-taxable minimum income is 17 UAH, 100 * 17 = 1700 UAH, a little bit less than 170 USD or 6100 RUR.

Let’s take a look at the bottom limit of a penal responsibility – 3 years. From the bill draft:

The same actions committed by a citizen of Ukraine who used his/her right to vote in Ukraine are punishable by imprisonment for a term of 3 to 5 years.

And now let’s confirm an upper limit – 10 years. From the bill draft:

The same actions, if committed by a citizen of Ukraine who has access to state secrets, are punishable by imprisonment for a term of 7 to 10 years.

As usual, we won’t draw any conclusions. But we note that the Russian Embassy in Ireland is located at a most interesting address: 184-186 Orwell Road, Rathgar, Dublin 14.

And let’s quote this undoubtedly great dystopian.

War is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength.

The Call for Help From Berkut Dormitory Is Fake


The only thing worse than false information is attempting to use false information for profit. Fraudsters do not ignore current events. On a lot of online sources you may come across something of following kind:

Imgur (phone numbers and Webmoney wallet numbers have been removed for obvious reasons)

There is a translation of the letter above:

This is our cry for help! We appeal to all indifferent people and the authorities! We are the families of the “Berkut” riot police force who live in a dormitory located in the Krasnozvezdniy Prospekt in Kiev. The last few months we have lived in constant fear for us, our husbands and children. Constant threats, bullying, fear have turned our life into a nightmare. Many of us had to quit their jobs and our children have been bullied at school because our husbands have “killed people on the Maidan”.

Many of us have fled to our relatives, but some have nowhere to go and don’t have enough money to flee. The last few days have been absolutely intolerable. All the time there are armed and masked men in front of the dormitory, they are numerous and very aggressive. They don’t conceal that they have come to catch Berkut officers. They abuse everyone who enters or leaves the dormitory. They are absolutely unhinged – yesterday they even beat up the 60-year-old father of one of our women just because he had said something disrespectful about the Maidan. One of our children was walking his dog and these men broke the dog’s legs with batons – and the child saw it all. It’s a nightmare!

There are approximately 90 of us left, mostly women, children and older veterans. We also have some wounded young men – one of them has been badly beaten and had his bones broken, but he is afraid to go to the hospital because our officers are being kidnapped from hospitals.

We can’t even ask for help. Some days ago we called the police – there came two sergeants and three masked men who threatened and abused us in front of our children and the police. We don’t have an Internet connection (someone has cut all the cables) and we regularly have blackouts. We are eating up our last food – the potatoes and pasta that we’ve somehow managed to gather.

Yesterday our husbands’ bank cards were blocked – until the situation is cleared, they said – and now they’re unemployed just for fulfilling their duty, for standing outside at 20 degrees below zero, for being burned and poisoned and shot at…

We have no more tears left – our husbands were abused so much, and then betrayed! We had a phone call from Lvov today – a Berkut officer was killed in his own home because he had been at the Maidan. We don’t know whom to trust, how to get help and how to feed our children. If someone could help with accommodation for a few months (also in villages), we would be very grateful. We would also be grateful for anything you could bring to our address, Krasnozvezdniy 152a. Some of us also need money to pay for their mobile connection, we receive a lot of calls and we only have mobile Internet left.

We contacted with the 4th Dormitory of GU MVD in Ukraine. Their phone number (044) 524-36-96 is in open access to anyone. We’ve been told that they have everything and need no help.

We are also happy to learn, that we are not the only ones, who are critical about emotionally charged information. Users of a Sevastopol forum have also called both the dormitory and the people, whose numbers appeared in the appeal for help. They have also been told, that the dormitory does not need help. Calls to the numbers given in the appeal were either left unanswered or there was no connection whatsoever.

Our conclusion is: this information is fake; it is also an attempt to make money on other people’s suffering.

If you really want to donate to a good cause – donate to «Tabletochki» (the red button that says “Apply”; it works with all kinds of bank cards). The previous government has decided to spend just 50 million UAH (around 5 million EUR) on children who suffer from cancer, which is 4,5 times less than in 2013 and covers just 20% of the real needs (216 million UAH). “Ohmatdit” – the most important clinic for such patients – has mouldy walls.

We can guarantee the honesty of “Tabletochki”.

Amazing Geography of First Channel (Russia)


Every day brings new reasons to wonder . Today we were absolutely surprised with unique understanding of geography by the “Pervyy kanal” tv channel in Russia.

140,000 refugees

In the news story “More and more Ukraine citizens arrive to the southern Russian regions” First Channel claims that

more than 140 000 people crossed the Russian border in the last two weeks. Among them are not only the residents of Ukraine’s East and South, but also of central and western regions.

We are ready to believe the fact that inhabitants of western regions cross the border, however it’s claimed that people of Ukraine come to “Kursk, Belgorod , Rostov and Bryansk regions ”.

We’re curious whether Poland is aware that it is the part of Russia. Border crossing point Sheginy (the sign can be seen at 00:14 on the video) is situated in Lviv region and is a checkpoint on the border with Poland.

Webcams also transmit empty roads

The project team hopes that the management of the First Channel will deliver a reprimand to their employees and will force them to love geography – after all, in a ticklish propaganda and fake business such mistakes are a major failure.

They Beat Up Our Guys



So, Mrs. Matvienko described a few moments that pushed the Federation Council to accept the decisions that are being so widely discussed by people of Ukraine (and other countries). As Matvienko notes on the press conference, the approval of Russian President’s application on authorising to move forces into Ukraine was conditioned by these key factors: (right now we advice you to open this link and watch video at the beginning of the article)

The statements

  • Russian citizens were injured during the attempt to seize the building of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Crimea (5:30 and 06:12 on video)

  • The abrogation of “On Russian Language” law and banning Russian speech in Ukraine (06:35 on video)

Now comes the tasty part

  • In his interview to LB.ua Vyacheslav Svetlichny, Russian consul general in Crimea, disproved information about victims.

  • It is also worth mentioning that we never had “On Russian Language” law, and nobody forbade to speak Russian in our country, as we all know.

A bit of personal opinion of the author

though we don’t practice that

The whole Matviyenko’s speech was saturated with one idea, which was emphasized many times. The speech amounts to the phrase “They beat up our guys” (and as we have seen, there was a lot of manipulations with that). This phrase is very important – under this very slogan it is possible to get approval by the people to conduct active military actions. They beat up our guys, and it’s our duty to defend them. But that is our conclusion, and you should make your conclusions yourself and write them in the comments section on the website or on Facebook.

Military Registration Offices Have Been Informed About Mobilization


UPD: the statement made by Andriy Parubiy (Secretary of the National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine) at March 2, 2014: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fK0dLJcZBMM

Once the current post appears on Facebook – we experienced a lot of mess in comments. mob We felt nervous about that so we decided to get in touch with state military registration and enlistment office at Kharkiv. Eventually we’ve got following response:

  • Military offices watch the situation and people bother them with calls all the time.
  • There is no official order regards military mobilization.
  • The official order is pending signature from The President.
  • The official order should be advertised on media (at least on national television network).
  • There is no reason for panic.

We have a record of those conversation, but a permission to share was not granted – so we’ve listened to it by ourselves and you have to trust us. Or even better call to your local military office and ask appropriate questions :)

This is the most correct strategy in current situation.

We would not be surprised, if in the morning we will find out that Parubiy’s Facebook page was hacked or it’s just a fake account, which everybody read by unknown reason.

Please check all the information. Don’t be fooled by fakes.

About US Agents


There is a video on the web (shared couple of days ago) with the following description:

Posted on February 20, 2014. American mercenaries fight on Maidan’s side. It has been clearly demonstrated by the documents which were seized from the captured soldiers.

Below we may find “irrefutable” evidences:

screen1 ID Cover

screen2 The Logo of a certain organization titled IPA

screen3 The ID itself

Surprisingly, the police does not know of the existence of IPA – an international police organization that Ukraine is a member of.

The Ukrainian division of the International Police Association was created on April 25, 1996. In 1997, during the XV World Congress of the IPA in the Canadian city of Quebec, the Ukrainian section gained official recognition in the International Police Association. Today, the IPA comprises of about 8000 members.

Ukrainian IPA section works, consistently putting into practice the primary IPA motto: “Serve Through Friendship!”. Communication with foreign colleagues, exchange of delegations, common international events – every activity by the Association members under our country’s colors is a contribution of Ukrainian section of IPA to the extension of the professional and friendly relationships between law enforcement officers in different countries, and, eventually, to ensuring peace and friendship on our planet.

The scariest part of the story that people blindly believe in such things. They believe in fake images without even checking obvious facts.

Please subscribe to our updates on Facebook, ask us any questions you have, and sent tips and links to fake posts – we will check them all, and will publish the most interesting ones.