Fake Control

Merkel, Klitschko, Tymoshenko... And All the Rest Involved


On Friday, March 7, the official website of Batkivshchyna (Yulia Tymoshenko’s political party) informed its readers about the meeting between Tymoshenko and Angela Merkel.

We don’t want you to be confused about the meeting’s scope and participants, so we’ll add just two small details to this piece of news:

  1. This was a collective event with the participation of Vitali Klitschko, Yulia Tymoshenko and Angela Merkel, not a one-on-one meeting between two major politicians, as some people are trying to present it. Do you want a proof? Here you are: a tweet of Steffen Seibert (the German Chancellor’s press-secretary).

  2. It was a short talk along the lines of summit – here’s Stern’s report about it, and here are some pictures from the Trinity College of Dublin, where Merkel gave a speech about “globalized Europe” after the event.

Many Ukrainian media have already republished the photo from Tymoshenko’s party website. It’s a pity that the situation is being completely and deliberately misinterpreted. The fact is that Merkel met two representatives of Ukrainian political parties during the Dublin summit, to which she invited them herself. Instead of that some people try to convince us that “Yulia is a strong politician, and even Merkel finds some time in her schedule to talk to her”.

Don’t act that way.