Fake Control

What We've Been Doing During Week?


Probably, you’ve be working hard for the good of your country and didn’t chill in social networks a lot. Unlike you, we were busy to sort out those news and prepare the following digest with the most famous, irregular and fake ones. Enjoy!

2 Girls, 1 Fake

Two women, who cry constantly and blame “radical” forces for “destruction” of their dear ukrainian cities. We tried to investigate their identities and shared our understanding with you. Changing cities, names and stories on daily basis, these two had a fabulous tour around Ukraine. Also we’ve got some very interesting comments from dentists and plastic surgeons.

Second passport, Third Sentence

This one is from our all time favourite – Russia Today. They’ve recently reported that having dual citizenship in Ukraine may become punishable offence. We tried hard to overcome our hysterical laughter and managed to explain why this is not true.

USS That Couldn’t Make It

A breathtaking story about adventures of George H. W. Bush aircraft carrier, which never managed to get to the Crimea and just chilled in Greece instead. Besides explaining what is what, we send greetings to the team of Ukrainian TV channel “ICTV” and suggest everybody to read “Montreux Convention Regarding the Regime of the Straits”. It’s fun reading, we promise!

About IMF “requirements”

Your parents must’ve told you about crazy mortage payments and the disbandment of free education for your (hypothetical) kids. All that is IMF’s fault! Except it’s not and your parents were fooled. We discussed those fact a lot in our article. Anyway, are you really sure that you’re ready to have kids?

About Cyrillic script being “cancelled”

Is it totally fine to post an information on one of the biggest news agencies site without even mention to reliable source? We did not think so too! Latin alphabet is no cakewalk to suddenly start to use, especially in a country which was using Cyrillic script for many centuries. Fun historical facts as Friday bonus!

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