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About Cyrillic Script Being "Cancelled"


Let’s put on some light on the news about the possible abolition of the Cyrillic alphabet on the territory of Ukraine as RIA Novosti claims.

The text of the news says that a special parliamentary commission is working on the law regulating the use of languages ​​in Ukraine and “the commission members are trying to use veiled wording in the bill to make a point about the phasing out of the Cyrillic alphabet”.

RIA Novosti makes the news on the message from “a source familiar with the situation in the Verkhovna Rada (Ukrainian Parliament)”. We would like to point out that the text of the news does not provide the exact name of the source and there’s no actual evidence by members of the committee (ie, no texts of bills or internal documents) that would contribute to the reliability of the news. This news was reprinted by Russia Today along the way giving up the modest word “source”. However, we already put on some attention on the peculiarities of Russia Today’s work with information.

Now let’s try to understand what is really going on and is there any reason to believe the news and to fear that Ukraine will spend huge money for replacing all the official forms, documents, and street signs.

The Verkhovna Rada website has reported the beginning of the work of the commission. We are providing the version in Russian in case you want to learn more about it (no English version available, sorry!).

According to this report, the range of documents on which the new law is based, includes the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages​​, the Law of Ukraine “On ratification of the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages​​” on May 15, 2003, аas well as the well-known Law of Ukraine “On state Language Policy of Ukraine “dated July 3, 2012, which itself provided the Russian language the status of regional.

But we have not found anything about the replacement of the Cyrillic alphabet with the Latin. As usual, we are not providing any conclusions, but we just want to note that the European Charter of regional languages ​​(by the way, not ratified by Russia) contains the following words at the beginning of the document:

protection and promotion of regional or minority languages ​​in different countries and regions of Europe represent an important contribution to the construction of a Europe based on the principles of democracy and cultural diversity within the framework of national sovereignty and territorial integrity.