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USS That Couldn't Make It


You may have heard that the U.S. aircraft carrier USS George H. W. Bush was deployed in the direction of Ukraine, you may have even read about it on ICTV’s website here:

Due to the Russian invasion of the Crimea, the US have sent USS George H. W. Bush in the direction of the Black Sea.

“In response to a Russian invasion, the United States has sent an aircraft carrier strike group toward the Black Sea to be able to respond to developments on the Crimean peninsula of Ukraine” reports “Ukrainian News”, citing the Turner Radio Network RSS Feed as the source.

We read on the aircraft carrier’s official website that the carrier also has an official Facebook page.

After overcoming a fit of laughter at the idea of an aircraft carriers’ crew running an official Facebook page, we read on the page that the ship actually arrived today in Greece.

We send our kind regards to ICTV and the “Ukrainian News” ;)

By the way, the Montreux Convention Regarding the Regime of the Straits states that this ship may enter into the Black Sea ONLY when Turkey is at war or if Turkey is under a threat of war. Complete text of Montreux Convention could be read here.