Fake Control

2 Girls 1 Fake?


This evening’s sensation was a comparison of two rather viral videos, one of which was taken in Kharkov on March 1st (skip to 4:00) and the other one in Sevastopol on March 3rd.

Both feature two women demonstrating a definitely pro-Russian rhetoric. First they describe the “mayhem” in Kharkov and then – in the other video – apparently the same women pretend to be Odessa citizens talking about the brutalities of Bandera’s followers.Although everyone asserts that these are the same women, we cannot confirm it. We have watched both videos, taken snapshots of the women’s faces and asked for the opinions of everyone we could, but could not come to a definite conclusion.


EXHIBIT BMore on this: we have received a video taken by the Crimean channel ATR that shows a rally in Simferopol featuring a rather similar person (skip to around 6:30). We also have a video from Odessa; we’ll try to compare its soundtrack to that of the Sevastopol video.

You are welcome to make your own conclusions. If you have any relevant materials from the Kharkov, Sevastopol, or Simferopol rallies, please send them to us.